Do you Get Into Couple Fights Like this? (It’s Normal)

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Couples don’t usually parade their fights around, so it’s hard to know what kind of couple arguments are normal.

And how much do healthy couples argue anyway?

If you fright with your partner a lot – even every day – is this ok and how would you know?

Does this Buzzfeed Couple’s Video Remind you of Anyone?

I knew a guy once that claimed he and his wife were so evolved that they never fought. Since then, I’ve learned that his story is 100% B.S. but for a long time I believed this guy and aspired to be like him.

Mentors can cast a cloud of bullshit in every direction.

Since then, I’ve learned that healthy couples fight – and many fight a lot. Even more importantly, it doesn’t matter how much you fight!

Yes, I said it:

It doesn’t matter how much couples argue.

What matters most, according to Gottman-trained couples therapist Zach Brittle……is how you recover from an argument. In other words, do your arguments get resolved? Do you return to mutual peace afterward?

Or do you harbor grudges? It’s the grudges, not the arguments, that kill .your love and end your relationship.

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