How to Stop Hating Yourself: 10 Ideas that Have Worked for Others

how to stop hating yourself
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How to stop hating yourself? When you read the title of this post, did you say to yourself, “Yeah, ideas that worked for others but nothing works for me? That’s how bad I suck!”

Hell, I said it to myself just now and I’m the one claiming to know how to help YOU stop hating yourself. Well, I don’t hate myself anymore but old brain habits die hard.

In truth, I used to wake up every single morning hearing the incessant chant I hate myself, I hate myself, I hate myself……! Over and over. Mix in a few I hate my life’s and you’ve got a good idea how my mornings used to go.

Let’s talk about how to STOP hating yourself…

Here are some ideas that involve techniques we’ve learned over the years. Some of them are simple. Others are more complex so we’ve tried to include links to additional resources.


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