Is Self-Criticism the Number One Human Problem?

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I don’t know! But it feels that way. Maybe it feels like that because self-criticism is my #1 problem in life.

But isn’t it everyone’s #1 problem? No. Can’t be.

If you’re homeless in the snowy winter, shelter and survival – your own safety – is your number one problem. Self-criticism would be a luxury under those circumstances.

Now there’s a reframe! (See NLP Reframing)

If self-criticism is an issue, then you are not bogged down by more serious issues like how you’re going to survive the day. I wonder how many people on this planet wonder how they are going to live through this very day.

A quick search yielded one overwhelming stat. 357 million children on Earth live in war zones. I’ll bet each and every one of those kids would much prefer to be sitting in a nice, safe home struggling with self-criticism.

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