What If We All Just Stopped?

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What if we all stopped criticizing ourselves? I don’t know of anyone else who is asking this question, but it may be one of the more important questions we might ask ourselves at this point in human history.

Everyone I’ve ever met criticizes himself or herself on the inside. Every parent I’ve ever met criticizes their children.


Every person I’ve ever met chronically criticizes themselves or somebody else you could say, it’s part of the dominance hierarchy, whether that be a primal, a dominance hierarchy based on evolution or a cultural dominance hierarchy based on based on status and in these hierarchies.

We tend to take others down and other to elevate ourselves. It’s all a grant competition to see who can be at the top, but I wonder if at all, has roots, if it’s all driven by self criticism, for some reason, every single one of us ends up with a voice in our head that criticizes us much more so than we would want.

Sigmund Freud

called it the Super Ego, the Super Ego that is the part of you according to Freud, that


internalizes your parents’ values and beats you up with those values, sets this super high standard of perfect behavior, impossibly high behavior, a moral standards,

and it

criticizes you for every mistake that you make, which according to Freud said to you at odds with the ID, which is your primal desire for instant gratification and basically represents the part of you that doesn’t give a shit about moral values to just wants pleasure.

And then there’s the ego according to fried that is in between the Super Ego and the ID trying work everything out so that we can live a reasonable life, have some moral values, and not get into too much trouble.

Whether Freud was correct or not. On principle, he had the basic idea, the basic idea, right, which is we’re conflicted on the inside and we have all of us has a part of ourselves, often called the inner critic, or again, as Freud says, the Super Ego.

We all have a part of ourselves that just gives a shit constantly tells us we’re going to fail. We can’t do it or no good. Be careful. Watch out. You’re going to screw up. You have no right. You don’t belong. People don’t like you. Who Do you think you are?

Even if your parents never spoke to you directly that way. This inner critic, this critical voice in our mind has a way of taking on a life of its own and soaking up attitudes and sort of the the sort of negative energies in the air, picking up stuff from the schoolyard and extended family and friends and teachers and you name it and it’s job is just to lambaste us.

So what do we do about this inner critic? Because this inner critic, the tendency if you’ve got a really strong inner critic, if you really tend to criticize yourself a lot, then you are basically going to be at risk for the two mental health crises of our, of the modern era depression and anxiety. So what? Everyone’s on medication for, self criticism.

Whereas there’s this voice in your mind basically telling you you’re no good, it is going to lead you into straight into the jaws of depression and anxiety, and if you can’t hear this voice, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you can hear it, it doesn’t mean you can do anything about it with the skills that you have right now, it just sort of plays on autopilot and so and you’re somehow attached to it are invested in it.

And so what if we were able to recover from being the emotional slave of our inner critic? What if we didn’t have to be affected by it or as affected by it? I think there’s a ton of amazing possibilities and that’s what this website is all about.

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