Judging yourself for Being Fat Won’t Make you Skinny

judge self for being fat
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And this is the vicious cycle of self-criticism played out in the mind of a fat man. He’s fat. He hates being fat. He loves to hate being fat.

In his case, criticizing himself for being fat has NEVER helped him get thin – in any way. Such self-immolation has only discouraged him, leading him closer and closer to despair. Arrive at despair, he exclaims, “Screw it! I might as well eat whatever the hell I want. At least I get something I want!”

He indulges in all manner of goodies to eat, which maintains and increases his obesity. And proceeds to judge himself. Despair. More self-indulgence.

Until death do you and your vicious cycle part.

Is there anything to be done about criticizing yourself for being fat?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Remember that it will never contribute toward weight loss. Self-criticism only serves to make you feel less than, feeding on itself until your final hours.
  2. If you can stop criticizing yourself for being fat, you will reduce your stress and emotional angst. Asd that can only help,
  3. If you never going into despair about being overweight, then you are more likely to have hope. Hope inspires positive action. The more hope you have, the better.

It is Supremely Important to Stop Judging yuorself for Being Fat

Can you do it?

For those of you who are resisting the suggestion, here’s a question. What are you afraid will happen if you stop judging yourself?

Most people are afraid that if they don’t criticise themselves, they will get fatter. Not true. And you know it.

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