Accept your Ordinary-ness and Free Yourself

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Are you an ordinary, average person? 

I am. And there is nothing I’d rather be. Being extraordinary – if such a thing were to exist – seems like it would be amazing. And it truly, truly would be. Because there is no such thing as extraordinary. Ordinary is all we have to work with!

Expecting yourself to be extraordinary – not like everyone else (but way better, right?) is a set up for failure, nothing short of self-sabotage. And who needs that?

If it’s done by a human, it’s an ordinary thing. If a human has touched it, it’s an average thing. If a human thought it, then it’s an ordinary, average idea. What else needs to be said?

I can hear the objections…

Mostly because they are coming from within myself. 

  • You can’t just willy-nilly claim there’s no such thing as extraordinary!
  • Who are you to judge humanity as average?
  • There are truly brilliant people on this earth who do extraordinary things! Now, stop all this nonsense!

Maybe. But probably not and here’s why.

Being ordinary means that you will:

  • Be born
  • Die
  • Struggle with life in between birth and death
  • Find varying degrees of happiness and pain 
  • Need to figure out how to coexist with others
  • Not be remembered by many or for very long after leaving

In that sense, all of us are in the same boat as Alexander the Great and Liberace. And this is a good thing. Since you are never going to achieve the immortal greatness you believe you must, you can……..relax. Take a deep breath. Sit back. Close your eyes. Think of something that gives you a touch of pleasure.

Be grateful.

And stop seeking what you cannot have so you can enjoy reality. 

Hey, maybe that’s the key to a life of happiness: Learn to enjoy reality.

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